Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) or Wi-Fi Simple Config is a network security standard to create a secure wireless home network. WPS is an enhancement to certified Wi-Fi products that makes it easy to add new devices to a secure Wi-Fi network. Go through the below article for better understanding the Meaning of Wi-Fi Protected Setup | Definition, Working – Details.

Meaning of Wi-Fi Protected Setup | Definition, Working  -Details

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a communications protocol designed to help facilitate the setup of wireless networks in homes and small offices. 192 168 0 1 ip login combines users and groups that are not familiar with Wi-Fi configuration. WPS allows the devices to be easily added to a network while providing a secure connection.

Why Use Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

WPS has both advantages as well as disadvantages which have to keep in mind. The main advantage is that you don’t need to know the network name, security keys or any other vital information to join a new wireless network. But the major drawback is that if some of your devices are not WPS-compatible, it can be harder to join a network set up with WPS because the wireless network name and security key are randomly generated. WPS also doesn’t support ad hoc wireless networking.

  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup seems like a great feature to have enabled, letting you more quickly set up network equipment and get things going faster. However, WPS is not 100% safe.
  • There are three primary approaches to network setup within Wi-Fi Protected Setup which are push-button, PIN entry, and Near Field Communication (NFC). PIN entry is mandatory in all Wi-Fi Protected Setup devices, while push-button and NFC are optional and may also be found in some devices.

How to Enable or Disable WPS?

As there are several routers out there, the process of enabling and disabling the WPS varies accordingly.

  • Some routers do not allow you to disable WPS, providing no option in their configuration interfaces as such.
  • Whereas, some routers provide you with a disable option which does nothing as still the WPS will be enabled without your knowledge.
  • Some routers will allow you with both enable and disable options, offering no choice of authentication options.
  • Finally, some routers do not WPS at all which is said to be the safest thing ever.

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